Welcome to my blog. This blog is built especially to assist English teachers and form five students to have better understanding of the form five English literature component.  Before we start, let me introduce you to the literature component of Form 5  

Step by  wicked step is the novel form 5 students will learn.  The novel is written in seven chapters. The first two chapters are without titles while the other five chapters consist of stories from the five main characters, Claudia, Pixie, Ralph, Colin and Robbo.  In the story, five schoolchildren spend the night in the creepy Old Harwick Hall, as part of a school field trip accompanied by their teachers. The schoolchildren do not really know each other, but the discovery of an old diary in the tower room find themselves coming closer together as they actually have a lot in common. The novel is written in an autobiographical style where the five main characters, Claudia, Pixie, Robbo, Colin and Ralph take turns to tell their five distinct stories step-by-step, story-by-story. They share stories of their stepfather, stepmother and step siblings frankly and openly and how they cope with their own situations.

At the end of the lesson, I hope that students will be able to:

  •  answer questions related to the story.
  •  enrich students’ vocabulary using the content of the story.
  •  use language correctly.

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