Here are the children in the story ‘ Step By Wicked Step’……


An older child who ran away from a mean stepfather rather than trying to work out his problem.  It  ended up broken his mother’s heart.




A dreamy and sad boy who misses his stepfather whom he regards as his father. His mother divorces  the stepfather and they have to live apart.




A caring brother who does not want Dumpa ( half-brother) to live without his father. He eventually helps find peace between his sister  Callie and his stepfather, Roy.





An only child whose parents are divorced. She was having problems with  new stepmother until one day she  realised    that she was being selfish and her parents divorce had nothing to do with Stella.



A fiery girl who has problems adapting to her instant new family. Her father remarries a woman with two daughters and Pixie can’t get along with them.


The sensible boy with extensive family members. He has  three stepmothers, a number of stepbrothers and stepsisters, half-brothers and half-sisters.  He is happy because he can accept the new family with an open mind


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