Here are the themes that you can find in ‘Step By Wicked Step’…… hope you learn something from them

1) Acceptance and tolerance

Learning to accept and tolerate new members in the family is important when a divorce happens. The novel shows how children learn to accept their ‘new’ family members and make the best of their new circumstances. Despite their being young, they realize how important it is to learn to share belongings and love with their step siblings.


  • Pixie has to learn to share her bedroom with her step sister Hetty. She has to tolerate her privacy being taken away causing her to devise ways to get rid of Hetty from her bedroom. She considers her bedroom is her territory and Hetty’s presence an intrusion. In the end Pixie learns to tolerate her step sisters and accepts their differences.
  • Claudia learns to accept the presence of her step mother when her father’s marriage to her real mother fails. The green pyjamas her stepmother gave her and the dinner hosted by her step mother one night play a role in bringing them closer. Despite her earlier resentment towards her stepmother, Claudia makes a big decision that it is not fair for her to hate her step mother. In doing so she also shows her maturity despite her young age.

2) The importance of  preserving  a  family unit.

Parents are responsible in keeping the family unit intact through love and understanding because divorce and separation can only lead to ugly consequences as clearly shown in the novel. The family institution should also provide security to children. However, when it is broken, children feel helpless and they feel they are victims of the situation.


Claudia and Pixie have to undergo emotionally painful moments to get used to their parent’s divorce. Claudia and Pixie resist their step parents and siblings. The quarrels, the screaming, the sibling rivalry demonstrate that the harmony that is central in their families has long gone. Children suffer most from broken homes and they need a lot of time to adapt to their new situation. This is true in the case of Pixie, who needs a great deal of time to adjust to her step mother and step sisters, Sophie and Hetty

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