Here are some questions with guides on how to answer SPM based questions……give your personal response….

1) Who do you like the most in the story? Why do you choose this character?

      How to answer the question?

       Name the character and descride him/her . Give at least three reasons and provide evidence to support why you choose the character based on the text.

2)  What are the important values you learnt from the story?

How to answer the question?

Name at least three values and give the events that show each value.

3)    Explain about one of the themes in the story and give evidence to show it.

How to answer this question?

         Name the theme and describe the event  that shows it.

Remember….when you write, use the correct tenses and  avoid grammatical  errors . the vocabulary  you use must be good, suitable to the writings of form five students….always remember; ‘QUALITY  is better than QUANTITY!


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