Teacher’s Guide


This weblog can be used by teachers to guide students during literatre lesson.  It can help a lot of students who are preparing for their SPM examination. Since it is a new text, the program will help give more resources for students to study from. It is an interactive weblog program, therefore students will be able to give their comments, and I will try to help them in any  way I can to make them be more competent in their literature component. The question from form five text carries 15 marks from paper 1 of SPM,  so it is important for the students to understand and comprehend the text.

The lessons are divided into categories according to the elements of the novel. For every category,  students should be encouraged to give comment or therir personal response about the story in general and the categories such as characters and  themes.  The weblog also provides interactive exercises using the Hotpotato program.  Students can complete these exercises independently and teachers act as facilitator.

The weblog also provides  enrichment exercises which consist of SPM based questions. Students will be familliar with the story and  able to answer the question with own personal response

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